• Carnelian Cameo Earrings


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    Carnelian Shell Cameo Earrings 10mm


    • Made in Italy
    • Genuine Carnelian Shell.
    • 925 Sterling Silver Frame with Clasp Screws back.
    • Ideal for Weddings and Special Occasions
    • Gift Box included
    • Dimensions: W 0.30" x H 0.40" (W 8 x H 10 mm)
    • 2 years warranty
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      • Free, For USA, First-Class Mail
      • Priority Mail, $ 4.60. Free for orders of $100.00 or more


    Our Princess Cameo is a Genuine Handmade Italian Carnelian Shell Master Carved. Two pieces of our Corniola Collections which uses particular Madagascar or South Africa sea shells (Cypraecassis rufa) and imported by JJP Trading LLC.

    The beautiful Princess Image looks very unique and is perfect for Weddings, Events, Elegant Soiree or Normal Daily Occasion.


    * Each item is handmade using traditional techniques and accordingly the size, shape or color may vary.


    * Each item is handcrafted and made of 100% Sea Shell.


    * Cypraecassis rufa (aka "carnelian") have reddish more or less dark. Cornelian Shell Cameos are more common as this type of shell grows much more rapidly, and is harvested on a regular basis. The majority of shell cameos are made using Cornelian shell. This shell coloring is different than Sardonyx. Cornelian shells tend to range from orange to pink hues, detracting from the amount of color contrast between the base colored part of the cameo to the carved out profile. Cornelian shells also have less white coloring between the layers, meaning that the profile or object being carved will not be a pure white like on Sardonyx shells. The object being carved will have a tinge of the orange or pink of the base of the shell. These two reasons are why Cornelian shell cameos are more widely seen and purchased.


    * Since cameos, made of shell, are especially delicate, they will require special care. While dusting, pay attention to the deep ridges in the cameo where dust is likely to collect. Dust can scratch a cameo, so it is important to keep it as dust-free as possible. Always handling with care. Avoid contact with corrosive liquids or oils.


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