• Floral Cameo Ring


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    Floral Sardonyx Shell Cameo Sterling Ring 10mm


    • Made in Italy
    • Genuine Sardonyx Shell
    • 925 Sterling Silver Ring
    • Mounted with White Cubic Zirconia
    • Ideal for Events (Weddings) and Special Occasions
    • Gift Box included
    • Cameos Dimensions: in. D 0.40 (mm. D 10)
    • Two years warranty
    • Free Shipping to US and Canada


    Our Floral Cameo is a Genuine Handmade Italian Sardonyx Shell Master Carved. JJP Trading LLC imports a piece of our Sardonyx Collections which uses unique Caribbean seashells (Cassis Madagascariensis).

    The beautiful Floral Image looks unique and is perfect for Weddings, Events, Elegant Soiree or Normal Daily Occasion.

    925 Sterling Silver Ring, mounted with White Cubic Zirconia.


    * Each item is handmade using traditional techniques and accordingly the size, shape or color may vary.


    * Each item is handcrafted and made of 100% Sea Shell.


    * Cassis Madagascariensis (aka "Sardonic") is a Caribbean seashell. Sardonyx Shell Cameos are the rarest and valuable. The most common reason is that sardonyx shells grow at a very slow rate, and therefore there are not harvested in abundance. A limited number of Sardonyx shell cameos are produced every year. Sardonyx shells are also desirable due to their color pigmentation. Sardonyx has a transparent white mid layer and a beautiful dark red with the chocolate brown interior. It provides each cameo with striking color contrast, adding to its elegance.


    * Since cameos, made of shell, were particularly delicate, they will require special care. While dusting, pay attention to the root ridges in the cameo where dust is likely to collect. Dust can scratch a cameo, so it is important to keep it as dust-free as possible. Always handling with care. Avoid contact with corrosive liquids or oils.


    Mod. JG427